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Writing a business plan is essential to any business operation. A business owner that writes a business plan is 90% more likely to succeed in their business venture. If you’re in the landscaping business, you need a business plan so I’m going to share with you tips on writing a successful one. Before you get started, I wanted to point out some important resources you can use to help you along the way. Most city offices have a small business center that you can contact and get free information from. My business center in Texas offers a free counselor that helps with every step of the entire process! Also, there is tons of information available on the internet, so if you type in “how to write a business plan” or any variation of that, you’re going to get a lot of great and useful information. Now that you have all the resources you need, lets get started.

The first and most important step to starting your business plan is to formulate a marketing plan. No matter if you’re using the inbound marketing strategy we covered here, you need to develop a stadium pitch. Once you get your marketing plan figured out, you should move onto your sales pitch. This way, once your marketing campaigns are in full effect and leads are flowing into your business, you’ll have a plan on how to close them and get their business. All businesses come down to leads and sales, so getting the leads than closing the sales are 2 of the most important factors in your business. I feel like this is a good starting point too because once you get your stadium pitch finished, it gives you clear guidance and direction on the important differences between your landscaping business and your competitors.

Once your marketing and sales portions are done with, my recommendation is to do your cash flow analysis. The reason I recommend doing your business plan in this order is because you will now have a clear idea of how your marketing campaign is going to go, including the costs involved with it. Once you know your costs for marketing, you’re going to need your costs for all the equipment, vehicles, gas money, employee costs, etc… Once you know this information, you can plug it into an Excel spread sheet and calculate how much your costs are going to add up to for every month for the next 5 years. The cash flow analysis is one of the most critical aspects of your business because you need to know how much cash you’re going to need to start the business and also how much cash you’re going to need to make to keep the operation going. Many landscaping business owners fail to do this aspect of the business plan and have no idea how many clients or how much time it will take before they pay for all their upfront costs and start making money. This part of the plan won’t be perfect because you can’t gauge exactly how many landscaping clients you’ll get and how fast you’ll get them, but if you know how many you need you can ramp up your marketing efforts until you hit the point where your business is profitable. One of our readers who owns Tempe Landscaping Pro’s ( wrote a buiness plan that helped them become a 6 figure a year earner. Business plans is critical to success, so please don’t take this aspect of your business lightly. Please let me know if you have any questions on writing your landscaping business plan here.…

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Landscaping business owner mindset

It’s a fact that 50% of businesses fail after their first year in business, and 90% fail after 5 years. It’s also a fact that only 3% of businesses will hit 1 million in sales during the course of their business life and only .03 of businesses will hit 10 million in sales. These are startling statistics and should not be taken lightly, which was the main reason I started writing this blog. With these statistics in mind, it’s important that you, as the landscaping business owner, develop a proper mindset that will help you to succeed. You have to understand that any business, no matter what it is, is going to experience hardships and unexpected “problems”. Lets face it, we love surprises, but the surprises we don’t love, we call problems. It’s important to expect these problems, prepare for them, and know exactly how to handle them when they arise. If you write your business plan, as we discusses in this article here, you’re going to be way ahead of the game. Writing everything down on paper is one thing, but being able to lead your team through some hardships is quite another thing. So, how do you develop the right mentality to lead your landscaping business to success?

One of the most important things you can do as a business owner is to wake up every morning with a clear goal in mind for your business for the day. Whether it’s sales, a new marketing campaign, or running your operation more efficiently, you must keep progressing on some are of your business every week. It’s easy to get caught up working in the business rather than on the business, which is why your morning routine and having a clear vision everyday is so important and vital to your success. Without this clear vision you will get side tracked and lose sight of the things that are going to help you flourish and succeed. So how do you accomplish this on a consistent and daily basis?

Developing a morning routine is a great way to consistently improve your business. As an example, going to the gym and getting in an awesome physical state is a great start. If you follow up your morning workout with a healthy breakfast that’s going to help you get energized and stay focused throughout the day is another great idea. Once you’ve worked out and fueled your body up for the day, it’s time to get our mind right. I’ve found the best way to do this is through giving gratitude for everything you’re thankful for in your life for about 5 minutes. After you’re feeling the great energy of gratitude, than picture in your mind what you want the day to be like. How do you want to treat your employees? How will you motivate them to be better? How do you want them to talk about your when you’re not around? What is going to make the biggest difference in your business today? I’m telling you, if you do these things, you’ll be so far ahead of your competition they won’t know what hit them. ┬áPlease send me your morning routines that help you improve your landscaping business everyday here.…

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Marketing Your Landscaping Business

landscaping business tipsReferrals in the landscaping business are a huge part of getting new clients. But is there a better way? Referrals are a way to get new business, but it’s definitely not the best way. What happens when referrals are slow and you’re not getting as many new clients as you’d like? You could try outbound marketing, but that’s not very effective. Only 3% of the people that receive your marketing material are going to need landscaping services, and the chances of those people calling you because of your outbound marketing efforts are going to be slim. So if you can’t rely on referrals, as 85% of small business owners do, and you can’t outbound market, what other options are there?

Welcome to the era of internet searches. People in your city are looking for landscapers via the major search engines on the internet. The major question is… can your business easily be found from these searches? The answer is probably, no. The reason is because when people search for your business on the search engines, they are most likely going to click on either the map selection that shows up at the top of the page, or one of the top websites that shows up under the “organic” search results. If your business does show up in the top of either of these categories, chances are you business is already consistent and steadily growing. However, if it’s not showing up as one of the top search results there are some steps you can take to help your business get to the top.

The first step in getting “ranked” by the search engines, is to have a home page with about 1,500 words of content, but the more the better! You should be using all the words that describe the services you provide, and the city and state that your services take place in. This will definitely help you get found more easily by consumers. You’ll also want to include a solid amount of pictures that are properly labeled with the keywords you want to get found, this will also help you rank better. The search engines want to show the person searching the most relevant search results, so if you have the most useful information to the consumer, you’re going to look like a great option in the search engines eyes. You want to have more content and pictures on your homepage than your landscaping competitors.

The next major step to getting ranked in the search engines is getting “votes” to your website. What does this mean you ask? Well, the search engines are somewhat of a popularity contest. The more websites that are talking about your website, the better. The best way to get these “votes” pointed to your site are to comment on forums and blogs. When you comment on these types of websites, there is sometimes a place to put your website domain in your “signature” lines which will count as a vote towards your website. If you follow these basic steps then you’ll have a great chance at beating out your competition and having your landscaping company get found by people searching for the services you offer. If you have any questions about how to get better rankings in the search engines for your and your team of landscapers, please contact me.…

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