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getting your landscaping business ranked in the “map pack”

business tips for landscapersWe recently wrote an article on how to get your landscaping business ranked better in the search engines for the organic searches. Now we’re going to cover how to get your landscaping business ranked better in the map section that shows local businesses names, addresses, and phone numbers. This is very important for your landscaping business because statistics show that about 40% of searchers click somewhere in the map results for the type of business they are looking for. So now that you understand the importance of getting your business showing up in the maps, lets dive in on how to accomplish this.

The first thing you’re going to want to do if you haven’t already, is get your landscaping business registered with Google. Even if you have already registered your landscaping business, please read these tips to make sure you filled out your profile completely and accurately for all the keywords you want to get found for. For Google, you can go to¬† From here you are going to completely fill out our business page with a minimum of 35 pictures (all saved under keywords you want to get found for) and a description of your business that should be about 700 words in length. Once again, in the description make sure to include keywords like “landscaping”, “landscaper”, and different variations of your city and state. Most of your landscaping competitors probably skimped out on this part so you’re already going to be ahead of the game if you fill out your profile accurately and completely. Once your profile is completely filled out, then you can click on the “verify now” button. This is going to trigger Google sending out a verification code to your address which is valid for 30 days. Once you get your verification code in the mail, you can then sign back on to your Google my business page, and type in the verification code. After this is completed, you’re business listing will now show up in the map section. Most of the time, just filling out your profile completely will not get you to the top of the maps. Continue reading for the next steps in the process.

OK, so now you’ve filled out your listing and have been officially verified by Google. The next steps are important for getting to the top of the maps. See, Google wants to know that you’re the most relevant search so they search around the web to see how many directories you’re listed in. The more directories, the better. You can do a search to see how many directories your competition is in and whatever that number is, you’ll want to double it. You can either do these citations manually, or your can hire a company like Yext, White Spark, Manta, or any other number of companies out there that do citations. One important note is that you want to make sure your citations get indexed because otherwise they’re useless. Indexing means that Google has registered the fact that you’re on that directory. I usually recommend Yext because their citations get indexed quickly but they are the most expensive citation service on the market. You get what you pay for! If you’ve followed all of these steps, than you’re well on your way to the top of the maps. If you have any questions on how to get to the top of the map results, please let me know here.…

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