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There was a legendary marketing professional by the name of Chet Holmes. He is the author of the Ultimate Sales Machine, one of the best selling books over the last century. This man worked as a marketing consultant for over 60 fortune 500 companies and was a legend while he was alive. Though he has recently passed away, his marketing techniques still apply for businesses today, and you can implement them to help your landscaping sales. He taught a method called the stadium pitch which is essentially pretending you have a stadium full of 10,000 of your best customers, and you get a short period of time to sell them on why they need your landscaping services. His philosophy, which we briefly covered here, is that when you market on the radio or anywhere else, only 3% of the people listening are ready to buy your services at that time. So how do you appeal to the other 97% and motivate them to buy your services? The stadium pitch will turn people not interested in your services into potential buyers, every time.

Imagine speaking on stage in front of a stadium full of your best customers and saying, “hi, my name is Hank, and I’m a landscaper. Do you need landscaping services?” This is how most companies approach marketing. They feel like if they put their name and services out there, that people will eventually buy from them. This is why most companies only reach 3% of people they market to and most often have unsuccessful marketing campaigns. Now imagine speaking to the stadium audience and saying, “hi, my name is Hank, did you know that households that have their landscaping done on a weekly basis make 40% more money than those that don’t?” See the difference here? Almost 100% of the population wants to make more money, and now you’ve got the attention of ALL of those people. This is the power of a stadium pitch and how it turns everyone into a potential buyer. If you followed that statement up with a bunch of other shocking statistics having to do with people that have landscaping done to their homes, you’ll surely keep their attention and close a lot more deals. But how do you get this information and what do you do with it exactly?

The good news for us landscaping business owners out there, is that the internet is full of surprising and useful information. You can pretty much form your stadium pitch from a few hours worth of internet searches. The alternative is you can pay a company to do the research for your and form your stadium pitch. The stadium pitch is what will separate you from your landscaping competition. How many of your competitors do you think are doing this? The answer is, not very many. In today’s competitive market places, it’s more important than ever to separate yourself from the competition. Once you get your surprising statistics that make people say, “wow”, when they hear them, can go on your website, on your brochures, on your radio ads, or any other form of marketing you’ll be doing. If you put it on your website and want your website to get found by people searching for your services, be sure to check out these 2 articles: getting ranked in the search engines and getting ranked on the search engine maps. As always I welcome all questions you have so please contact me if you have any.


May 23, 2016, Uncategorized